Our Swimming School is situated in the Moot area, Pretoria. We provide swimming lessons for babies from 6 - 36 months of age. Mom or Dad are in the pool with baby, having fun while learning takes place. This is also a great bonding session for parents and baby. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should possess. Babies lack the strength, co-ordination and motor skills to swim on the surface of water until 30-36 months of age. Our Baby Swimming classes aim is to teach a baby to swim in a calm, relaxed, structured environment, through play, song, word association, repetition and encouragement at all times. This will help baby to feel safe in the water. The objective is for the baby to have fun, develop and advance at their own pace, while swimming and submersing under the water. Initially the baby is gently introduced to the swimming environment. We gradually add cues and repetitive exercises are introduced, consequently teaching the baby safety in and around the aquatic environment. Baby is also taught the back float and the feeling of buoyance in the water while on their backs with their ears in the water.  

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