Our fees are worked out according to a 10 week cycle. During the year you receive 3 additional weeks that is added with no charge. These extra weeks also covers lessons that might be missed during the term. In other words you have an extra one or two lessons to make-up for when you cannot make a lesson.

Fee Structure:

We require a registration fee (once off) of R250-00 per person.

Term fee for attending one x 30 minute lesson a week = R789-00.

Term fee for attending two x 30 minute lessons or one x 60 minute lesson (hour session only for adults and advanced swimmers) a week = R1212-00.

You may apply to Finance for an option of dividing the term fee equally through the 3 months of that term to do monthly payments which is payable in advance on or before the 3rd of each month.

When starting during mid-term a pro-rata amount will be calculated according to number of weeks left in that term. The fee will then be calculated by mutiplying the lesson cost by the amount of lessons left in that term.

Term Calendar 2018

Term 1:  15 January – 29 March.  (Consists of 11 weeks)

Term 2: 09 April – 23 June.  (Consists of 11 weeks)

Term 3: 16 July – 29 September.  (Consists of 11 weeks)

Term 4: 08 October – 15 December.  (Consists of 10 weeks)

There will be no swimming on Sundays and Public holidays.






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