Our Swimming Academy is situated in the Moot-area of Pretoria.  Our Toddler Swimming Classes are for toddlers ranging from 2 years - 5 years of age.  Our Toddler swimming classes are 30 minutes long and range from beginner classes to more advanced swimming skills.  All our toddlers are constantly supervised and we keep our toddler swimming classes small, so as to ensure individual attention for every toddler.  We provide transport for toddlers from various nursery schools within our area in the mornings at no additional cost.  These toddlers are grouped according to age and ability. We do have late afternoon/evening as well as Saturday slots for parents who prefer to bring the toddler for lessons.  Our aim through this careful supervision and encouragement is to teach the toddler "water safety" so that when falling into the water, they will know how to turn around and hold on to the pool edge and either waits for help or exit the pool (depending on age and skill).

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